After 32 years we will be slowing down but still be here to service you we will still be selling and servicing factory radios we still honer all warranty's, email us at stergo1985@gmail.com Official PayPal Seal
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About our Radios

We Sell New And Factory Refurbished Oem Radios
We sell only Factory OEM radios, in brand new,new take outs and Factory refurbished. Factory radios look better in your vehicle, there a perfect fit, they plug right in, usually have larger buttons, incorporate steering wheel and rear seat controls, and will all way match dash and illumination. If you have any questions about any products we sell, contact us. Contact Us

We try to make every effort that the radio you order will fit your vehicle before we ship the unit out, if we send you the wrong radio, we will ship you the right one at no additional cost to you and pay the shipping cost to return the wrong one. We offer a 20 day full refund return policy.(Less all shipping cost and credit card fees that or not refundable to us ) All radios are tested before shipping, but if you get a defected unit, it will be replace at no additional cost to you.
All the new radio we sell are Brand new radios, never been installed, and come from Factory authorize distributors. Most of our new radio come direct from the vehicle manufacture and or over stock items, they come shipped to us in packages of 6 radios, the rest of our new radio or packaged as upgrade radios the same radios that your dealer sell and come from the same source. No new radios comes with a owner manual, The Vehicle owner manual will cover all radios that were made for that vehicle,

New take our radios
New take out radio or radios that were taken out of brand new vehicles that or still on the dealer lot when the Dealer wants to upgrade the radio system, We also get brand new take out radio direct from the vehicle manufacture, These or radios that were put in the vehicle when it was being made and the order was changed like when there a fleet order for a utility companie, If the vehicle has a cd radio and they only want am/fm they change the radio and don't reuse them.

(Refurbished/Rebuilt Radios:)
All our refurbished and rebuilt radios come from Factory trained and Factory authorize service centers. None of the radios we stock are Salvage yard take-outs or bought on EBAY. Salvage yard radios taking from a vehicle that was involved in a major accident (one that caused it to be totaled) Plus water damage, dust, etc. Are not the type of radios we want to sell. A majority of the radio sold on ebay come from salvage yards, There's usually a problem with the radio, or it won't fit your vehicle, some GM radio require to be coded to the vehicle or need to be unlocked by the dealer, The dealer charges about $120.00 to do this. If you have the wrong part number or a defected radio, the dealer will still charge you for there labor, You won't know if there a problem with the radio till its been coded, even if the source warranty the radio, you will have to pay the dealer again to have it coded your $50.00 deal could end up costing you hundreds, All the GM radios we sell or unlocked and pre-code no dealer needed. (About using CD-R Disks:)
Some of the radio we carry were made befor the use of cd-r disks, we test all cd radios using cd-r disks for about 3 hours of continues play, and have not had a problem with any model radio we have tested, But we can not guarantee that some radio won't have a problem playing a cd-r this depends on the quality of your cd-r.
Warranty Information

Oldsmobile Am/Fm/Cass/Cd Takeout.
We understand the cost difference of Factory OEM and aftermarket radios systems, Factory radios or just like any other oem parts for your vehicle, its quality equipment made for your vehicle from the vehicle manufacture, We offer the same equipment from the same source that you get from your dealer at about half the price. If you think the cost for your radio Might be high. The flat rate cost to repair a Nav radio in a certain Mercedes Benz is $15,000.00