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Ford Radio plugs
If your not sure what radio model your vehicle uses. Below are some Photograph of the hookups to the most common Ford Radios, with model and vehicle information. If you still have any question, Please Contact US
M100 M100: Hook up Used in most Ford Vehicles from 1986 to 1997 On both din size and double din size radios. M100 radios have a internal amp in the radio,
T100 hook up with plugs for rear controls, steering controls, cd changer, and rear sub woofer. Used in most Ford Vehicles,1998-2004. All T100 radios have internal amps in the radio, Some Models can turn on a external rear sub amp, what ford calls Audiophile.The plug on the bottom right is the main power and speaker plug, all T100 vehicles have this plug. The plug bottom left is used if you have Rear or steering control or a cd changer, The small plug top left is used if you have rear sub woofer, Some T100 radio will only have the bottom plugs or they wont have pins in the top plugs.
M100 car plugs Car Plugs for a M100 radio system.
T100 plug Car plug for a T100 radio system,
T100 power and accessory plug Car plugs for a T100 with Rear or steering controls or a cd changer.


P100 P100 Radio, Used on Some Ford Vehicles, 1995-1999, A P100 system has a Amp in the vehicle, There is no internal amp in the radio, P100 radio hook up are Similar to a Lux radio, A P100 radio will have a antenna plug on the back of the radio, a Lux radio has no antenna plug on the radio.
Ford Lux radio Lux Radio, Used in some Ford Vehicles 1995-1997. Similar to a P100 But has no antenna plug on the radio, a Lux has no internal Amp, or receiver, Amp and receiver are in the vehicle, there are no am/fm/cd or am/fm/cass/cd Lux radios, A Ford cd changer can be added to a Lux radio, that has changer controls.
JBL Premium Sound System
P100 JBL Premium Sound System, No internal amps, Amp in the vehicle, Din size radio. Used on some Ford vehicles, 1987-1999.
P100 plugs Car plugs for a P100 radio system
P100 JBL Car plugs for a JBL P100 system.